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<3. [userpic]

hey hey, I hope this is an okay place to post but I have a question and somebody suggested I ask in here. I live in central florida (sarasota, to be exact) and I'm looking for a tattoo artist who speaks hebrew and/or is jewish. they're kind of hard to find since tattooing is supposedly a big nono in the jewish faith, but I know they must exist!
and for the love, don't suggest that guy on miami ink, they charge ridiculous amounts for the smallest things. ah, fame.

agnosticmantis [userpic]

I'm new to the group and apologize if this has been discussed before. I'd like to open up the subject again. I see people going back and forth on this issue, and I guess it comes down to a case by case basis. Does anyone have an opinion, advice, etc on tattooing over scars? I know micro-pigmentation (am I using the right term?) is being done for burn survivors so I know there must be some cases where it is possible and successful. I'd just like to know what people's views are.


Leli [userpic]

Hey, I was on the website looking at everybody's work, and I really liked it. I found the website through yellow pages when I was looking for a place to get a belly piercing. I also want a tattoo, but Im gonna have to wait 'til later.

michelle_placas [userpic]

John Vale will be working the Space Coast Tattoo Convention April 8-10 2005 @ the Holiday Inn Cocoa Beach on 1300 North Atlantic Ave in Cocoa Beach, Florida. For information about appointments please call our shop. 305-264-0888

Hey everyone at Ochoplacas, Just joined the community. Just wanted to say hello. Looking forward to chatting with the Tattoo community . I am a tattoo artist located in Miami.
Talk soon

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michelle_placas [userpic]

We need people to join, but for now rate our site and then join!

michelle_placas [userpic]

So I made this new tattoo community for tattoo artists, and collectors and fans to join. I'm really hoping to get a lot of members to join. ;) My name is Michelle and I work at Ochoplacas I'm a Tattoo Apprentice/Web Designer there. Anyways, it's free to join live journal and its a really great place and hopefully this kicks off. I want to have a huge community with lots of artist and hopefully a lot from local South Florida. But its not just for artist, its also for fans and collectors so come on join this community. ;) We will make it grand. ;) So yes tell all your friends to join this community and post especially if your friends of the shop but even if your not, join.
Much Love,

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